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In Berlin

A  few days ago, i went for a short trip to Berlin. Last time i went to Berlin i was ridding a bike all day, chilling at parks with friends, but this time i had another approach. I was walking everywhere, rarely talking any public transportation, and taking photographs. The two things i wanted to focus on, was the city, and the people. The city is easy to capture, from monuments and buildings, to details and street art, its something thats sits there waiting. The people is something that is always moving and needs a lot of hunt. Berlin is a city full of tourists, and even to find locals and capture them in their everyday life, is hard, especially in the center where i was mainly moving around.

The first couple of days were mainly spent to locate the places where you could find less tourists, and i rarely shot any good street images involving people. The rest of the days were just street hunting, many hours per day, making the same route 2 and 3 times per day, that means walking around 8-10km everyday.

I think it kind of paid of. When i returned and checked my images at home, i had a lot of them that i found of a good standard, and wanted to share. They were too many though for social media posts, so i decided for the first time to try another approach, and i made a slideshow. The slideshow has some advantages and some disadvantages so i dont know if its going to be something i will do often.

anyway, i hope you like it, plus i share below a few images that i think they stand out from the slideshow

IMG_8645web IMG_8542web IMG_8344web IMG_8290web IMG_8453web IMG_8230web IMG_7881web IMG_8843web IMG_8104web IMG_8207web IMG_7592web IMG_7655web IMG_8756web IMG_7685web IMG_8448web IMG_8181web IMG_8338web IMG_8221web IMG_8428web IMG_8007web



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